Baby Room Decoration – Trends 2018

Some things never go out of style when it comes to baby room decor. Pastel colors such as beige, light pink, light blue, gray, mint green and yellow, in addition to the classic white, remain high for the walls. To create a relaxed and personalized environment, you can paint a wall of another stronger tone, within the same color palette, to color the environment and make it more fun. Pastel patterned wall papers are also being widely used; in which case the rest of the d├ęcor is responsible for the color spots in the room.




Exotic decoration style

Not all people like this type of decoration, but it gets more and more adepts by the unconventional character. To adopt this style, however, it is very important to have waist play and, mainly synergy with what is proposed, after all, it is no good to have a full decor of references if you do not have a personality similar to all the harmonization.

Objects of desire: will depend a lot on your inspirations, but usually decorative heads, synthetic skin items and different sculptures make the greatest success.
Palette of colors: colorful stripes, floral prints and more intense tones.